About Us

Live Sport and TV-shows for best friends

VIDGO started, as many companies before us, as a dream! This dream was about changing the entertainment world.

Some of the VIDGO team members are old timers from the TV industry; some are young engineers who were born up in the Internet and smartphone era.

The old timers wanted to take the TV industry to the next level, knowing exactly the consumers’ pain points. The youngsters, on the other hand, wanted to build something completely new and fresh: an app that would truly change the TV watching experience.

The youngsters did not just want to be part of a minor upgrade. They did not want to be part of an existing TV giant just putting another app on the market as an after thought. They wanted to give birth to a true, native, from-the-ground-up TV app that would take the market by a storm. They wanted to make their mark.

So, together, the old timers and the youngsters go to work for several years, tweaking, testing, and building many prototypes. There were some rough times along the way, but in the end, both groups got what they aimed for: a truly exciting product.

But there is still one group –truly the most important one of the three- that must also contribute to make this adventure into a truly remarkable story.

And this group is you and the rest of the VIDGO community.

We are confident you will enjoy the viewing experience as much as we have enjoyed the building part. Together we will change the entertainment world.

Welcome to the VIDGO family!